Wytham Studio

Robin and Rosie established the Wytham Studio in 2012, nestled in the heart of the University of Oxford's research woodlands. They both serve as tutors in printmaking at the Bodleian Library Bibliographic Press, while Rosie also holds a position as an art teacher in Oxford, and Robin delves into the realms of anthropology at the University of Oxford, focusing on craft, creativity, and art through participatory observation research methods.

Their journey in art and academia intertwines seamlessly, reflected in their diverse practices. Robin leads the Japanese Woodfired Ceramics Project at Oxford University Kilns, while Rosie and Robin collaborate on their own artistic endeavors. Their work, showcased under The Wytham Studio, blends text and imagery crafted using moveable wood and lead letterpress type, or carved with precision into Lino or wooden blocks, and then meticulously printed using a variety of presses.

Scilly has always been close to their hearts and Robin has visited every year since childhood, always beginning his journey on board the Scillonian III. The ferry is a source of inspiration for him, as are the magic of old maps and local landmarks. 

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