Daniel Cole

Daniel Cole observed and sketched wild birds from an early age and is a full member of the Society of Wildlife Artists. He has travelled extensively in South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, studying each region’s indigenous birds and honing his techniques in sketching and painting. 

Dan fulfilled a lifelong ambition of creating commissioned work for various field guides on birdwatching producing anatomically detailed and vivid portrayals of wild birds in their natural habitats. Throughout the 1990’s he worked for an illustration agency that specialised in wildlife commissions yet maintained a steady interest in his self-taught landscape painting. His background and training in scientific illustration have lent his landscape paintings an informed sensitivity to natural forms.

Dan now works in the Old Bakery Studios in Truro with views over the river. Working mainly in oils, Daniel takes sketches made en plein air into his studio and uses them as a starting point for his paintings, playing with colour and abstraction. He fell in love with Scilly when he first visited and has been exhibiting with Tamarisk since a few months after the gallery opened in 2016. Although his technique is continually evolving, his vivid and unique, abstract style is always instantly recognisable.