Charlotte Jones

Inspired and energised by her surroundings, Charlotte Jones lives in an 1836 granite chapel, high above Falmouth bay with views of the Cornish coast up to Plymouth and down to the Lizard. After graduating from Falmouth College of Art with a Studio Ceramic degree in 2001, the vestry became her workshop and she now works in a purpose designed and built studio in the garden.

Charlotte walks every morning for at least an hour in her rural landscape. She loves the rhythm of the walks, noting the changes each day brings. It might be a colour, pattern, sound or texture that sparks an idea. Feeling at ease with her surroundings and looking carefully at details informs her work so design decisions become intuitive.

Charlotte’s pots are made from Cornish white stoneware clay coloured by small amounts of clay she finds, as well as rust, oxides abd grog from streams. Coloured clays are used as a three-dimensional collage material; coloured layers define, contrast and merge. She throws her bases then adds coils, pinching and scraping them by hand into an organic vessel. When leather-hard, the pots are burnished with a pebble before high firing, to echo time-weathered rocks and tactile stones smoothed by surf.

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