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Inside the sun is shining!

Inside the sun is shining!

I was hoping to write an update this week with tales of springtime sunshine from the 'sub-tropical' Isles of Scilly.... 

As it happens, winter has begun again in force here this week, with heavy rain, strong winds and even hail! They cancelled the Scillonian today due to strong winds and I am here in the gallery writing this whilst ringing out my skirt and trying to dry my boots following the latest unexpected downpour on the way in! However, the current weather is not dampening our spirits and we are excited about the season ahead.

Over the winter, we have been working hard to freshen up the interior of the gallery and have been painting the walls, doors, cupboards, chairs and even the floors! At times, it has been a multi-generational effort with my mother, Oriel painting walls, Dori up cycling chairs, me touching up signs and my nine-year-old also wielding a paintbrush!

We hope the gallery feels a bit fresher and newer whilst retaining the relaxed and creative feel provided by Piers Lewin’s uniquely sculptural driftwood desk and displays. Locals going past and those who have popped in already have said how lovely it is looking which is always reassuring to hear! 

We reopened at the start of last week to coincide with the arrival of the first Scillonian of the year. That day happened to be one of sunshine and really felt like the start of the season and that summer was only just around the corner. Despite the downpour this morning, I can now see blue skies above so hopefully spring really is on its way!

We are enjoying welcoming visitors back to Scilly and back to the gallery. We are open six days a week at Tamarisk and it’s lovely to see both new and old faces popping in. 

In the background, we're also busy curating a series of exhibitions throughout the year that will showcase our talented artists and craftspeople. More details on dates, featured artists, and exclusive events to follow.